We seek to make disciples. The way we want that to look in "boots on the ground" is like this:

  • We want the supremacy of our holy God to penetrate every ministry we perform.
  • We want our public gatherings to make a difference in believers. Because of this, our Sunday gatherings are normally filled with prayer and the preaching of the Bible verse-by-verse. 
  • We want to equip men to lead their families. Because of this, we challenge our men to lead in family worship at home and in service in the church.  
  • We want our families to have the tools to remain strong. We encourage parents to train their children to participate in public worship services. We also provide supplementary Bible classes for children and teens for those parents who wish to use those tools. 
  • We want to shepherd our own people. Because of this, we do not refer hurting church members to outside counselors. We believe soul-care is a part of the shepherding role of the church and provide regular, intensive discipleship to those in our congregation whose situations require it. 
  • We want to influence our world with the gospel. Because of this we pray, give and participate in local and international missions that seek to bring personal transformation with the gospel of Christ.