Providence reformed baptist elders

  1. Elders and their responsibility
    The elders shall take particular responsibility to:

    • The elders shall examine and instruct prospective members.

    • The elders shall examine and recommend all prospective candidates for offices

      and positions.

    • The elders shall oversee the work of the deacons and appointed church agents

      and committees.

    • The elders shall oversee worship services.

    • The elders shall oversee the administration of the ordinances of baptism and


    • The elders shall equip the membership for the work of the ministry.

    • The elders shall encourage sound doctrine and practice.

    • The elders shall admonish and correct error.

    • The elders shall oversee the process of church discipline.

    • The elders shall coordinate and promote the ministries of the church.

    • The elders shall mobilize the church for world missions.

    • The elders shall ensure that all who minister the Word to the congregation,

      including outside speakers, share our core convictions.

  • Steven Svendsen

    Steven Svendsen, senior pastor and one of our three elders, is a native of Harlan, Iowa. Steve has served as a pastor and Bible teacher since 1988. He is a graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa and is a certified biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly called NANC). Steve does most of the preaching in our public services. He and his wife Sarah live in rural Cameron.



  • Michael Borstad

    Michael Borstad, one of our three elders, is a native of Park Rapids, Minnesota. A graduate of Bethel Seminary, Mike is gifted at building men through discipleship. He served as a missionary in Argentina for 20 years and currently leads Cardon Ministry, a church leadership ministry in Argentina. Mike also teaches Spanish at a local college. He and his wife Sherry live in Cameron.



  • Robert Lancaster

    Robert Lancaster, one of our three elders, is a native of Roseau, Minnesota. A graduate of Prairie Bible Institute, Bob served as a pastor for many years before moving to Rice Lake. As Elder Emeritus, Bob is a valuable resource to the church because of his wisdom and his regular call to turn our concerns Godward.